At Ronaldo Academy we are proud of our coaching staff and there accomplishments. They strive to make great players and even better citizens.


Coach Albert

Coach Albert

Coach Albert has 15 years of coaching experience. This includes 5 years of recreational soccer and 10 years of competitive experience. Coach Albert has 2 kids that have played soccer there whole life. Him and his wife have dedicated their life to the bettering of there children and other people as well.

Coach Albert's philosophy is to ensure that all soccer players have the opportunity to be taught how to incorporate techniques to enable them to play soccer at their full potential.

Coach Albert has a Grassroots license and also holds a USSF National D License.

Coach Victor

Coach Victor

Coach Victor has 8 years of coaching experience. This includes 4 years of recreational soccer and 4 years coaching for the Dallas Texans. Coach Victor has 3 kids and recognizes that soccer is a huge part of their lives. Coach Victor appreciates all the coaches that pointed him in the right direction. He hopes that one day he can become a strong and dependable influence in his player's lives too.

Coach Victor's philosophy is to ensure that soccer players develop their skills on the field and in their personal life as well.

Coach Victor holds a USSF National E License.

Quote From the Coaches

"Worry about the little things and the big things will take care of themselves"
-Johan Cruyff